Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Fools Day

Yesterday's Moorhen with the Puffins

Yesterdays Hooded Crow flying over the islands - heading north to Scotland!!
Photos by warden Joe Cockram
Wednesday 1st April
A new month and a new start. The 2009 season was starting for real for the team, as we welcomed our first visitors of the season to the islands, and they weren’t disappointed! However in true April fool style, I managed to get the birders amongst the team up slightly earlier than expected, as the shout of “Hoopoe” got them scrambling, until the penny dropped… Away from the tomfoolery, the fine weather remained with us and the first visitor boat landed just after 11am and it was great to share the islands with everyone. The breeding birds put on a good show, with plenty of Puffins whilst the discovery of the first Shag eggs was a major turn-up for the books. All went well and it’s just the start as things will only get better…

Weather: South-westerly backing southerly 2-3, sunny and warm

Highlights: Lapwing 2, Sandwich Tern 9 at roost, Short-eared Owl 1 west, Wheatear 4, Fieldfare 1, Robin 8, Goldfinch 1 south.

Breeding birds: Shags – first eggs discovered at Lighthouse cliff – 27 days earlier than last year! Shelduck – breeding pair returned, Mallard sitting on eggs, Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills around and on the islands in good numbers, Ringed plover and Oystercatcher displaying, Pied Wagtails discovered checking nest sites in the stone wall.


kezia said...

What a cruel person you are !!! glad the weather was good for you , its been beautiful down here in Hampshire today , lots of bird activity in the garden , the blue tit has been in and out of the box all day frantically . Its so nice to have you all back - have missed you . The photos are lovely - the puffin didnt look too happy with the moorhen , I might just pinch that photo and put it on the Loch Garten bloggers page I think they will like it . Take care all and hope the weather lasts for you .

Jan said...

Hoopoe indeed! I bet I'd have believed you though! Not as good as the April Fools story about breeding tartan sheep.