Thursday, 3 May 2012

Farnes News

Arctic Terns now back... hats at the ready  

Shags now with chicks  

Kittiwakes now incubating 

Flooded out but coming back in good numbers 

Razorbills now on eggs 

A happy ranger team!

Thursday 3rd May comments: Time appears to be flying and the winds have stopped visitor boats from sailing on no fewer than fifteen April dates (that's a lot of closed days!). So as we turn the corner (we hope), here is the latest species-by-species account to wet your appetite for a Farnes visit...come and visit!

Shag: The first to nest (on eggs since 23rd March) with the first young hatching last week – a quick start!

Puffin: First eggs discovered: 13th April. A small number (ca 2,000) burrows were flooded out (all contents lost) to due to ‘above average’ rainfall in April (heavy on occasions!). It is envisaged that these breeding birds will return to relay once the water levels have receded.

Eider: First eggs on 12th April and the number of nesting females is increasing daily.

Guillemot: First eggs discovered on 10th April although the majority of breeding pairs were delayed due to weather but now all incubating (all 50,000 of them)

Razorbill: Now present in good numbers (appears to be heading for another record year) with birds on eggs by late April.

Kittiwake: First eggs discovered on 1st May with birds frantically nest building or putting finishing touches to nest structures

Arctic Tern: Returned to islands in late April and have started pair bonding on islands. The birds are yet to nest (mid-May) so dive-bombing has not yet commenced (starts from around mid-month).

Sandwich Tern: Present in good numbers and the first eggs will be laid in the next few days! Where hoping for a population increase on last year.

Common Tern: Up to twenty pairs now back on Inner Farne.

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