Friday, 11 January 2013

Squatting Seals!

Young seal pup saying hello

One of a few holes in the stone wall - by Grey Seals

Andy's handy work...wall sorted

Local fishing boat going about its business
Friday 11th January comments: Our first full day back on the Farnes was enjoyable as we went about work on Brownsman. The Grey Seals are out in force with huge numbers present as it's moulting season. We spent some of our time today repairing the damage caused by our noisy neighbours as one or two had literally gone though our stone walls...they're impressive beasts when they get going!

The day produced some good mid-winter bird sightings including an adult Black Guillemot and three Long-tailed Ducks. The odd passerine was also seen including Fieldfare and Blackbird. Its strange being back on the islands at this time of year and with snow forecast, what's the worst that could happen? Life is good and tomorrow we'll bring you our final Grey Seal count...

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Flotsam said...

Incredible; to think a seal can do so much damage. You are obviously a talented lot in the islands though; dry stone walling is an art form.