Friday, 31 January 2014

Simply the (third) best

People love the Farnes!

Longstone and proud

Fans favourite: the Puffins

Guillemots galore
Friday 31st January comments: Just how good are the Farne Islands? I’m glad to announce we’ve been voted third in the ‘Best Nature Reserve’ category in the latest BBC Countryfile Magazine awards, voted by the public.

The magazine received over 66,000 votes and the Farnes came out third, behind Sherwood Forest and overall winners Brownsea Island in Dorset. The islands are a very special place and thanks for the all the votes!

If you’ve not visited the islands before, I would suggest you pencil it in and if you’ve been before, come back; it’s an amazing place and only getting better! The islands open on 1st April and will be open daily until 31st October. Staple Island opens from 1st May.

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