Friday, 6 February 2015

Twitter Storm

Friday 6th february comments: Yesterday I broke the news that I was leaving the Farne Island after 14 years and I was overwhelmed by the support and kind words which were sent over the course of the day. Thank you to everyone who sent messages and with over 190 direct messages received on twitter alone, here is a flavour of them:

Garry McWilliams: absolute legend, enthusiasm, exuberance, energy, a great legacy though, best of luck David, cheers

Stef McElwee: So the irrepressible Steely is calling it a day after 14 years. A man who opened the fab Farnes to many. Miss you mate #Farnes legend
Aletta: oh my goodness has the NT fallen? You leaving the Farnes is like the Ravens leaving the Tower of London!

Northumberland Coast AONB: Best of luck David, you will be greatly missed by everyone associated with wildlife and tourism on the Northumberland coast

Robson Green: End of an era! Wishing TV star and all-round great bloke David Steel the best of luck with his new island adventures

Tales From Northumberland: Great memories of our Farnes odyssey in 2013 “I couldn’t think of a better place to get a bad night’s sleep!”

John Aitchison: It’s the end of an era: after 14 years David Steel is leaving the Farne Islands. Few have done so much. Thank you.

Mike Dilger: We salute you Steely! Bon voyage and see you on the May #island legend

Laura Shearer: Today's support for @NTsteely shows how important he has been for @nationaltrust the Farnes and local businesses. Huge loss for the region!

Richard Taylor-Jones: Some of the most memorable TV has been down to Steely, respect. See you on the next lump of rock

Danny Savage: I hope your replacement is as good at PR as you. The place wont be the same without you! Good luck

Victoria Gill: All the very very best David. Well done on the wonderful work over the years. Must be an emotional time.

North Northumberland: Thanks for all you’ve done on this coast over many years. Always been a great ambassador. You’re a loss to tourism and wildlife

Andrew Durham: Best of luck on the Isle of May mate. Working with you over the years has been a genuine pleasure. All the Glad Tidings crews will miss you.

Dean Wilkinson: On behalf of @HeartofNland many thanks for all your hard work which has helped boost tourism across our region.

Samanthha Bell: ‏What the HELL!? You're leaving?! NO! Who authorised this...?!

Doddington Dairy: Sending you our best wishes for your new job! You have represented the region so well, & will be missed!

Cottages In Northumberland: we wish you all the best in your new job. You will be a big miss on the Farne Islands

Bevan: Good luck with your new adventure the Farnes loss is the Isle of Mays gain Thanks for making the Farnes a welcoming place to visit

Julie Aiston: not liking what I'm reading tonight. You'll be a great miss in Seahouses and on the Farnes. Good luck in your new post.

Hail to the King: you've done a hell of a job there both conservation wise and in raising the profile of the Farnes and the NT!

Carolyn Todd: Isle of May has seriously lucked out! Hope you'll Tweet from up there. As for the Farnes, your successor has very big boots to fill.

J Cook: ‏You let Mr Steel leave the Farne Islands? But who will take care of all the birds and seals??

Alan Tilmouth: Nooooo, that's like salt without vinegar or Morecambe and no Wise

Save Druridge: All the people from @SaveDruridge would like to wish Mr Steel all the best in his new role in #Scotland GoodLuck! #YOU WILL BE MISSED

Ben Burville: Gentleman, leader & my buddy @NTsteely A sad loss for @nationaltrust but a great gain for Scottish Natural Heritage

Teresa Weatherall: ‏Good luck in your new role. You are a legend and leave a fantastic legacy on The Farnes. Gone but not forgotten

Jo Horsley: hope you still tweet & blog, you have really brought the #Farnes to life for me & many others #goodluck

Jamie coleman: ‏Very sad news, you should be proud of everything you've achieved on the Farnes

St.Cuthburts House: We join those in thanking you for all you’ve done on the coast and wishing you well in the next chapter. Come back often…

Carole Ratcliffe: sorry to hear you are leaving the Farnes after 14 years. You have done a brilliant job. Wishing you well in your new venture

Liz Fenn: His name is synonymous with the Farne Islands, never think of one without the other. Good luck on May!


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