Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Nemo in the snow.

"It never snows on the Farne Islands" famous last words of a certain Head Warden to producer Richard, as moments later the snow storm bleached down from the heavens and the Seal pups of Brownsman were experiencing snow for the very first time. That is how Tuesday morning began and for those people who have not had the 'privilege' of being on an island in the north sea during a cold icy blast, only one word can sum it up; bitter! I'm glad to report that the weather gradually improved as the moody skies gave way to sunnier conditions although the temperature never got above 'cold' all day.

The second day of Autumnwatch had arrived and the team were hard at work, with Matt encamped within the bowls of the the editing suit (also known as the Brownsman cellar), Gordon was taking on mother nature to capture yet more stunning images, Andrew was picking off the sounds for this evenings program and producer Richard was as busy as ever, making sure everything was running smoothly. The team of four work like a well oiled machine, having been living on Brownsman (complete with no running water) for the previous seven days. There hard work is just starting to pay off...

As for me, it was just another day at the 'office', keeping everyone and everything happy, ensuring all was well in the world of planet Farnes. As for our Seal pups, Nemo was out for a swim (not a wise move at just a few days old), Lucky was taking on yet more milk and the Seal pups were generally happy with life, but that may all change...As the day progressed, the 'serious' heads came on and thankfully all went well with the evenings 'live' from Brownsman and the world of Nemo and co was brought to the homes of millions of people. It was a successful day and one which I won't forget "I thought you said you don't get snow on the Farnes..."

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byrnie said...

what a cute seal :)