Thursday, 30 October 2008

Seals Galore

Gordon in action

Day three (its like a Big Brother introduction) of the live broadcast and the Brownsman cottage stirred into life as the morning sun broke the distant horizon. Don't be fooled, at this time of year, when I mean sun - we can see it, but its still below freezing out here (honest). It was the start of another brisk cold day on the 'rock in the north sea', known as Brownsman. 

As usual, Gordon disappeared to the north end of the island to film seal action as activity is increasing on a daily basis as more and more seal pups are born. Its positive news at present as despite the cold conditions, we've avoided the huge northerly storms to date which can wreak havoc in the colony at this time of year. Sound recordist Andrew and producer Richard visited another seal colony on nearby Staple Island for more footage leaving Matt to get his head down and concentrate on editing the film for this evenings program. As for me, well, plenty to keep me busy although the distraction of a Waxwing flying over the island (fleeing the cold conditions of Scandinavia and probably the Farnes) was nice, otherwise an uneventful day in the life of a Head Warden on the Farne Islands.

At long last the wind eased and darkness fell as 'Autumnwatch day three' was whirling and the 'live' went out without a glitch. When I say glitch, maybe just one or two moments of panic as we lost power on the islands just before broadcasting, but that's another story... As usual, the de-rigging of equipment and a beer or two soon followed although my day ended on a disappointing note, as my beloved football team lost. Well there's always tomorrow. 


Kirt said...

How long does it take to take the pictures of the seals and how long have you been filming seals and is it a great hobby are job to do.

joy said...

Well done to Gordon and all the team for enduring the cold to bring such terrific film. Thank you. (Do they not have a dictionary on the island?!!!)

joy said...

Thanks so much, Gordon, and all the team for enduring the cold to bring such stunning filming. Well done.
PS: someone needs a dictionary!!