Thursday, 15 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year - A Farne Islands Seal Pup

Greetings everyone and welcome to a New Year. I'm glad to report all the counts are complete and I've been back to the islands on a couple of occasions to check that all is well - which it is!
The autumn of 2008 produced a final total of 1,318 seal pups, our highest birth rate since 1998 and its pleasing to report that mortality was lower than recent years, although the final figure has yet to be determined. Staple Island has taken the crown as the largest colony with a whopping 380 whilst nearby Brownsman produced a reasonable 219. Its now back to business and it won't be long before me and my team return for another action packed season but this time, you'll be able to log in to find out all the latest... so watch this space. Don't go anywhere and stick with me, its the Farnes 2009 show.


Rare Visitor said...

Have their been any Winter sightings of Black Guillemot this year?

Farnes said...

I've not seen any this year (due to lack of visits), although the islands were supporting at least two wintering individuals when we departed on 6th December. Try looking towards the north end of Inner Farne from Stag Rocks (looks between Inner Farne and Megstone - a good spot for them.

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Best wishes and Happy New Year too. Will look forward to the blogging reports, and you'll be on-line and able to take part in my Easter Bird count maybe... should have some crackers from there.

kezia said...

Happy New Year David and lovely to hear from you and do hope you had a wonderful Xmas - it seems a long time ago now !! So pleased your birth figures were good and mortality was down also , I guess it does depend on weather conditions a lot . I cant believe we are now Mid Jan and we are talking about Ospreys returning etc , lots to look forward to this year and plans to make - I had Archie today and he is now giving loads of smiles - they grow so quickly - no doubt Archie the seal has grown as well , do hope he survived to swim the seas around the Farnes . Take care and hope to hear from you soon .

Jan said...

Happy 2009 and here's to a good birth and survival rate for the seals this year. Do you know if you will be featured on Springwatch this time? The forecast this weekend has been a bit blustery and I was very cold this afternoon when out putting up nest boxes.
Looking forward to 2009's blog and wishing you and all the Farnes team well.