Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Visiting 2009

Nothing but doom and gloom in the world at present, so thought I would cheer everyone up and give you a flavour of the season ahead. Anyone wanting to visit the Farnes this year will not be disappointed...the islands last year supported over 78,000 breeding pairs of seabirds including (pairs of birds):
Fulmar 229, Cormorant 145, Shag 1,015, Mallard 11, Eider 718, Red-breasted Merganser 1, Oystercatcher 39, Ringed Plover 9, Herring Gull 530, Lesser Black-backed Gull 509, Black-head Gull 369, Greater Black-backed Gull 8, Kittiwake 4,275, Sandwich Tern 1,358, Common Tern 104, Arctic Tern 2,239, Guillemot 43,864 (individuals), Razorbill 326, Puffin 36,835, Rock Pipit 24, Pied Wagtail 6 and Wren 1 (our first ever confirmed nesting Wren on the islands!).
The islands will be open daily (weather permitting) from 1st April-30th September and again for the half-term at the end of October. Inner Farne is open all day during April, August-September. During the breeding season (May-July), Staple Island opens from 10:30-13:30 and Inner Farne opens 13:30-17:00. This half-day opening during the summer months help reduce disturbance to nesting seabirds. Please note Staple Island is a rugged island, with no facilities, whilst Inner Farne has (basic) toilets. For further information check out the National Trust website.
I'll give you all more information about the islands in mid-March and looking forward to seeing everyone out there!


kezia said...

Whaaaaay cant wait birds birds and more birds oh and maybe seals I will be visiting for sure David and cant wait ,I might just try and visit July on my way to Scotland otherwise it will be after my visit to Loch Garten so towards the end of August depending on when those Ospreys fly away !! I bet you are so looking forward to going back , hope all is well , take care .

Jan said...

Ooh all those puffins, I LOVE puffins! And so many other birds - bet it gets noisy sometimes!
I'd love to visit this summer, am saving for trip to Mull at the moment but IF I get flush with money the Farnes is next on my list.
Look forward to March's updates. Thank you.

Wild Freckle said...

Hope you survived the bad weather without too much damage! Cant wait for the return of our migratory birds

Farnes said...

Hi All, kind words yet again and looking forward to seeing everyone out there - just out of interest, for the breeding seabirds, it best to visit between April-July (a lot have departed by August - a little hint Kezia!). Anyway more to follow on blog as the weeks tick-away.

kezia said...

Okay David I have been persuaded July it is and August !!!!!! didnt take much to persuade me thou

Ipin said...

keep it up davey-boy!