Thursday, 25 June 2009

Dolphin Crazy

Bottle-nosed Dolphin - adult with youngster

Great views - Dolphins near the boat

Saying hello to Glad Tidings I skipper Bobby Pearson and his visitors

© All photos Andy Smith
Thursday 25th June comments:
The Farnes are alive and kicking as the breeding seabirds make this one of the most exciting destinations in the UK at present – or is that me being biased? Anyway its all go, as chicks grow ever stronger as the food supply continues to be brought in, in great quantity. As for the team, plenty happening as we continue to monitor the seabirds whilst adding the finishing touches to the counting process and where nearly there! The Sandwich Tern colony now stands at a final 1,311 pairs on Inner Farne although we’ve still got birds settling on Brownsman. As for me, busy as ever keeping law and order and dealing with the media, but all will be revealed early next week…

Today brought some excitement with the appearance of at least five Bottle-nosed Dolphins in Inner Sound (between Seahouses and Inner Farne), during the course of the morning. The animals, at east five, were seen at 9am and remained in the area until early afternoon (and thanks to the Glad Tidings III team again – more great photos from Andy Smith). The amazing spectacle was seen by plenty of visitors to the islands and we suspect it’s probably the same pod which has been seen on-and-off in the area over the past month or so. The islands are really buzzing and its not be missed at this moment – keep your eyes peeled, anything is possible.

Breeding birds: Shag chicks ready to fledge, the first young Black-headed Gulls are now flying, Sandwich Terns now have large chicks, small chicks and eggs – a mixed bunch indeed and there is even a very late colony establishing on Brownsman – up to sixty pairs at this moment.

Highlights: still very few, but adult Wood Sandpiper on Brownsman on 23rd, Bar-tailed Godwit 9, Curlew 40, Turnstone 49 and Swift 7 over.

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kezia said...

Please please please can I order Dolphins for when I come up - I went to Ireland with my boys for a special birthday and they booked a 'Whale watching trip ' and we were told that maybe if we didnt see whales we would dolphins - well we didnt see either but I enjoyed the trip , my boys didnt thou both were very sick !!! haha all the girls were fine riding a very rough Atlantic and the two boys green !!! we have never ever let them forget what happened .
So I am intrigued what is about to be revealed David - sounds exciting . Thanks again for pics .