Saturday, 20 June 2009

Onwards and upwards

Parent Shag caring for young

Puffin carrying sandeels for a hungry chick

Saturday 20th June comments:
It’s been another hectic period – although thankfully the worst of the weather avoided us again and things continue to look good (fingers crossed). The breeding seabirds are getting on with the serious business of raising young whilst the Farnes team go about their business of monitoring, meeting and greeting and everything in-between. Seabird breeding season’s are quick affairs, and its hard to believe we’ve got young chicks which will be fledging within weeks and soon all will be gone. However its nowhere near finished, so don’t stop reading!

As part of the National Trust, we’re one big happy family and its always great to see staff from other properties and regions visiting the Farnes. As well as the day visitors, we’ve just had a visit from the property manager and head warden from Blakeney Point in north Norfolk, discussing ideas and swapping ideas, so many thanks to John and David for all their input and hope you enjoyed the visit!

Breeding birds: Both Comorant and Shags has large young (although some still on eggs – its going to be a protracted season), sadly the majority of the nesting Eiders have now departed having fledged young, more young Guillemots seen jumping off the cliffs today although still thousands present – the bulk won’t move for a few weeks yet, Puffins now feeding medium sized chicks, Arctic and Sandwich Terns have plenty of chicks so sandeels galore being brought in (and no sign of any pipefish this year!

Highlights: Manx Shearwater 312 north in two hours this evening - a notable count for the islands, Shelduck 2, Roseate Tern - up to six lingering on the outer group - will they breed?, Starling 10.

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