Friday, 23 November 2012

Boardwalk Begins

Boardwalk construction begins...

Laying the new boardwalk

A little helper looking on

Looking good - the end product
Friday 23rd November comments: Its been a turbulent time recently as the unsettled weather has brought a calm day, followed by a gale followed by a calm day. Today the weather improved from yesterday (gale force southerly winds with rain), as the light winds and bright sunshine were the order of the day!

So the team went about the task of constructing the new boardwalk on Staple Island. The old boardwalk has been removed and the new boardwalk needs completing before we leave – so deadlines are tight! The day was constructive in more ways than one, and hopefully we’ll have everything sorted in the next week or two. We also had a few helpers – second coat seal pups were curious and often wandered into the building site – this is the Farnes after all!

On the bird front, it remains quite with a handful of Red-throated and a few Great Northern Divers lingering whilst the highlight was 5 Snow Buntings flying west towards the mainland.

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