Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dutch Courage

350 miles away - one young Farnes seal pup

Its one of ours - a slight red stain remains on rear of back

Responding well to antibiotics and food

Saturday 3rd Novemeber comments: It’s another day and another fascinating Farne Islands seal story. This morning I received an e-mail from the Netherlands to report the discovery of one of our seal pups (with red dye on flippers) on the island of Texel, Holland. Records show that the youngster was born on the South Wamses on the Farnes on 10th October and has made the epic 350 mile sea journey south (having probably being washed off the island she was born). At only 25 days old, it’s a remarkable story as the youngster has survived the turbulent waters of the North Sea and to make it through this ordeal at such a young age is impressive.

The pup, a young female, has now moulted into her ‘second-coat’ and is responding well to treatment, as she was underweight when discovered on the beach. This is not the first time this journey has been undertaken, as during the winter of 2010, three Farne youngsters made it to the same coastline on the Netherlands. Like those three, it is hoped the pup will be released back into the North Sea once she has fully recovered and gained enough weight.

The Farnes just keeps on surprising us and we have to wonder…what next!?

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