Friday, 21 December 2012

Thank-you and goodbye

Thank-you Anne for all the hard work during the season

Thanks to Dr Chris Redfern, our ringing trainer

Andy and his beloved car

Goodbye Andy's car...scrapped today

Friday 21st December comments: As I continue to wind down 2012, I still have lots to share and I must thank several people for the great season we’ve just had. I’ve already thanked my team for their brilliant work during 2012 and alongside them; I must thank Anne (our archivist) who provides huge support for the islands with her historical knowledge and amazing ability to find obscure Farnes reference material - keep up the good work Anne. I would also like to thank Dr Chris Redfern, our ringing trainer for all the support he provides throughout the year as well as all the National Trust staff who without you, this place would never tick.

I would also like to thank all the boat companies who operate throughout the year and the local Seahouses community, for their friendship and support. I would also like to thank the local Green Grocers who provide us with fruit to help feed the migrant birds during the autumn months. Thank-you each and everyone of you.

My final thanks will be posted on the blog on Monday, but I must end on a bit of sad note. Ranger Andy has reported that his trusty Punto has finally died and is being scrapped today. The Punto has many great memories attached to it for the team, as the vehicle has taken us to rare birds (White-throated Robin was just one of many) as well as football games and so much more. Long live Andy’s Punto – it won’t be forgotten.

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