Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Weather woes

Pups galore on the Farnes

A little ray of sunshine

Pot of gold....the Farne Islands
Tuesday 4th December comments: It was a topsy-turvy day on the islands as the weather picked up from the north (and it wasn't forecast) resulting in the team not being able to enter the Seal colonies. However work and life goes on, and we continued to pack and clean for our big leaving day on Friday....or is it?

The weather has taken a nasty turn for the worse suggesting we won't escape on Friday. The weather has certainly played its part this year (a terrible summer for our seabirds) and will it once again have the last laugh? We hope not, but let's wait and see....

On a final note, for those who saw it, I hope you enjoyed Planet Farnes on the One Show. Great work from the team, and the Seal pups played their part.

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Andrew Hodson said...

Saw the One Show - good advert for a great place.