Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Thank-you Team

Farne Island Rangers: the class of 2012


Will (no I won't forget that White's Thrush)
Chief ringer Ciaran




David and Jonathan

Tuesday 11th December comments: So the dust has settled and the Farnes are empty. The ranger team have returned and everyone has gone their separate ways for the winter. The team travelled far and wide over the weekend and will only now start to enjoy the comforts of home life, with running water and central heating. Enjoy it team, you deserve it.

Therefore my first duty is to thank each and everyone of them for a memorable season. Its been a roller coaster of a journey, with the weather dominating from the hard times (seabirds suffering with the rain) to the high times. From March to December its been a pleasure to work with you all, and thank-you for your fantastic effort. You've worked brilliantly as a team, took on the challenge which is the Farnes and put lashings of effort into the job. Your all a credit to the National Trust, the Farne Islands and me. Thank-you once again, I applaud you all. Go and have a great Christmas, relax and enjoy because in 14 weeks time, you'll be back out their doing it all over again.

The Farnes class of 2012 I salute you. Thank-you.  

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