Saturday, 28 March 2009

As Cold as Ice

Saturday 28th March Comment
No messing this time. Forget the north-westerly winds, the forecasters got it right, as the islands were hammered by a northerly backed wind, and boy did it blow!! Any wind from the north results in ‘heavy seas’ and a very low chill factor, and yes it was cold, very cold (but were rough tough wardens, so I won’t complain too much…grumble grumble). However the team were cheered up by the appearance of a cracking Iceland Gull and some Long-tailed Ducks, although the chill factor reminded us that spring wasn’t with us just yet. As for work, the team took their foot off the pedal (at the bosses orders) as we relaxed listening to footy and catching up on other bits and pieces.

Weather: N 6-7 occasionally 8, very cold!

Highlights: ICELAND GULL first-winter showed well all afternoon feeding in the ‘kettle’ just off Inner Farne and then going to roost – our first Iceland Gull on the Farnes since April 2007. Others: Red-throated Diver 2, Long-tailed Duck 12, Goldeneye 3, Purple Sandpiper 72.

Breeding Birds: Nothing. The strong winds from the north have moved everything on including the Puffins and now the Shags, and it feels a very quiet island. It’ll take a while for everything to return and thoughts of potential early nesting have long since evaporated.

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Jan said...

You'd better get some whisky inside you to warm you guys up a bit!