Monday, 23 March 2009

Stormy Days

View from the Pele Tower (Inner Farne) looking at the 'white tops' of the waves

A very quiet Inner Farne, no birds and very little vegetation

Monday 23rd March Comment
The day brought complete contrast to the previous few days as the islands were hammered by strong north-westerly winds, reaching gale force on occasions. Some of the team had departed the previous night for two days of power-boat training (essential for all Farne wardens), leaving a skeleton crew to get on with the work on the islands. However the strong winds ensured all jobs were inside, with more painting of the lighthouse cottage and general sorting of the rooms. Otherwise we battened down the hatches and let the storm rip across the islands, although I’m starting to worry I might not get the rest of the team back tomorrow night if this wind continues. The problems of living on an island…

Weather: NW 7 occasionally gale force 8 with sleet showers

Highlights: very few!! The strong winds made birding very difficult and very few birds made it to the islands today

Breeding Birds:
Almost everything has disappeared from Farne waters, including Fulmars, as the strong gale force winds have unsettled any attempts at early nesting. However despite this, the Shags remain in good numbers although the early nest structures are starting to feel the affects of the strong winds.


kezia said...

Hi David and everyone its nice to have you back , looking forward to visiting mid July . Sounds like its a bit blowy there !!! take care . I see Billy Shiel has his own group now on facebook - hope he is on there !! I shall have to add him as a friend if he is !!! Take care all and looking forward to your updates and pictures in the future - batten down the hatches .

Jan said...

Looks very quiet and bird-free in that photo, can't say I blame them but hopefully it won't have too adverse an effect on nest building etc. Looks like turning colder again too.