Thursday, 26 March 2009

Puffins return

Puffins Galore - scattered over Inner Farne today

Thursday 26th March Comments: We appear to be stuck in a cycle of strong winds, as the islands were buffered by north-westerly winds reaching gale force on occasions. However it didn’t prevent the team from working, as we continued working on various projects including the construction of a new water-pump housing and painting of the toilet block (we really do turn our hands to everything). Despite all the hard work, the team do have regular breaks to appreciate the returning Puffins and the Peregrine which buzzed the inner group, all part of island a day in the life.

Weather: NW 6 increasing up to 8 (gale force) with bright sunshine

Highlights: Whooper Swan 24 north through Inner Sound – the good showing continues, Peregrine adult male lingering swooping at Puffins and Pigeons, Wren - the male continues to sing daily in the veg garden, Jackdaw one west (a scarce visitor!!!).

Breeding Birds: Puffins return! Following four days away the majority of the population returned to the islands, landing on Inner Farne early morning and remaining throughout the day (despite the wind). Guillemots and Razorbills were still scarce although Fulmars were back, cackling away on cliff ledges. As usual, the Shags remain tight at nest sites whilst Cormorants remained around the two main nesting colonies.

Wednesday 25th March Comments
Some of the team which had being away on the mainland (and stuck their last night) finally returned to the island mid-morning. It was a warm welcome and the team were back together, but very little was evident for the returning lads, as breeding birds and migrants were scarce.

Weather: NW 4-5 (so still windy) but bright sunshine

Highlights: Another quiet day all round for birds, with very few migrants or breeding birds to mention. The islands remain empty although its not unexpected at this time of year, as the breeding birds remain erratic especially if its windy (which it is!!). So very little comment for today - but its still early days.


kezia said...

Sounds a bit breezy there David but a bit of activity going on , I cant wait to come over and according now to plans it will be around 12/15 th July so should be plenty to see then I hope ?? We all got excited yesterday with the news that EJ returned to Loch Garten , so pleased because as I am going up there 25th July I so wanted it to be EJ I was watching over . Loving your updates and thank you for your time .

Jan said...

And very gorgeous you all look in that photo too!
It's been windy here in the Midlands, but I bet that's calm compared to your experiences! Puffin with white wing tips sounds so cool, maybe we will get to see a photo one day?
As for jackdaws, you can have some of the twenty or so which mob my garden early every morning in an attempt to scoff all the bird seed! noisy blighters at 5am LOL

Just a question - when would you expect the seals to start? Not that I'm impatient or anything...