Friday, 27 March 2009

Windy Days

Its hard to believe, seven days ago the team were departing Seahouses...

Sunday 27th March Comment
Another day, another windy day, but this time even stronger! The shipping forecast mentioned “gales in all areas” and it wasn’t wrong, as the wind whipped across the North Sea and battered the islands. Looking ahead, there appears no change for Saturday, so it’s a case of keeping those hatches battered down. Despite the wind, the team went about business, getting on with bits of work including painting the dormitory (where painting everything at the moment, but jobs inside were high on the agenda), as well as other bits including scrubbing jetties and sorting the visitor centre out.

Weather: NW 8 occasionally 9 (that storm force!!) with bright sunshine

Highlights: Once again, the weather dominated and bird highlights were few with a bit of seawatching bringing Red-throated Diver and Common Scoter, otherwise it was quiet.

Breeding Birds: The Puffins remained on the islands including an individual with complete white wing tips!! Despite this, apart from the Shags, no other breeding seabirds were present and it still feels very quiet and we’re still waiting for our first Sandwich Tern.

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Jan said...

Oops - meant to post this on this blog update, not the previous one - sorry!

Very gorgeous you all look in that photo too!
It's been windy here in the Midlands, but I bet that's calm compared to your experiences! Puffin with white wing tips sounds so cool, maybe we will get to see a photo one day?
As for jackdaws, you can have some of the twenty or so which mob my garden early every morning in an attempt to scoff all the bird seed! noisy blighters at 5am LOL

Just a question - when would you expect the seals to start? Not that I'm impatient or anything..