Saturday, 18 August 2012

A migrant Migrant Hawker

A Migrant Hawker Dragonfly - rare on the Farnes (Graeme Duncan) 

 Good numbers of Swifts on the move (David Steel)
Brownsman Pond looking good for waders (David Steel)

Saturday 18th August comments: It was a strange old day yesterday as the wind increased preventing visitor boats from sailing and with the added extra of rain showers the islands looked set for a major intake of common migrant birds. However the expected ‘fall’ failed to materialise with only a handful of new arrivals amongst the lingering hordes. The Farnes don’t win every time but I’m sure we’ll fight another day…

Amongst the birds lingering, the Green Sandpiper remained in residence on Brownsman pond (which looks great for waders at this moment) whilst Swifts were on the move yesterday, heading south for Africa as they leave 'what summer' we had.

The most interesting sighting proved to be a non-bird – a 'Migrant Hawker' Dragonfly, discovered in the visitor centre on Inner Farne. These powerful insects are amazing to observe but the Farnes rarely record such beauties, so it was very much appreciated by those who saw it. With lighter winds on their way, we should be back open to the public with still plenty on offer. 

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