Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A swift update

Greenish Warbler for its third day on Inner Farne (Will Scott) 

Boardwalk replacement on Staple begins... 

Out with the old....

Tuesday 28th August comments: We appear to be bouncing from one extreme to the other at this moment, as last week we basked in warm sunshine and ‘mirror calm’ seas. The sun has remained this week, but the wind has been strong and it even resulted in the closure of the islands yesterday.

Today, a stiff westerly wind was blowing although the islands were open and visitors enjoyed the shelter of Inner Farne beach. As well as the visitors, a few of our migrant birds took advantage of the shelter including the Greenish Warbler (for its third day) and it was even heard in ‘sub-song’. The bird actively fed all day and we suspect it’ll be on its way this evening, fully fuelled and ready for its long migration. The evening also brought a good passage of Swifts, with 190 west over the islands, a noticeable count for us out here.

On the work front, the replacement of boardwalks has begun (on Staple Island) as the Puffins have departed allowing us to concentrate on the management side of the Farnes. Its never dull out here, it really isn’t.

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