Monday, 6 August 2012

Happy as Barry

August sunset (Will Scott) 

Sandwich terns continue to build on the rocks (Will Scott) 

 Sandwich Terns in flight (Will Scott)

Our last Arctic tern chick growing up strong

Monday 6th August comments: It’s been a cracking day on the Farnes for plenty of reasons, including the first August blog update (sorry I’ve been away for a short-break). The islands are looking good and despite the majority of our breeding seabirds moving away off the islands, we still have a few birds remaining including Shags and Kittiwakes whilst groups of Arctic and Sandwich Terns continue to linger. A small number of Puffins are still bringing food back to hungry youngsters but be warned only a handful remain.

Today also signalled the start of the autumn migration (yes the autumn is here in birding terms!) as the islands produced a monster; our first BARRED WARBLER. The bird exploded from vegetation on Brownsman and showed until dusk and represents our earliest ever record. The excitement didn’t stop there as we also bagged ourselves a Black Redstart, a handful of Willow Warblers and an adult Black Tern. The birding autumn has begun and stay with us

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