Friday, 24 August 2012

Time sealing away

 Grey Seals have started massing on the Farnes

Heavily pregnant Grey Seal keeping a close eye on things 

Haul out time

Friday 24th August comments: Just where has time gone? The Puffins and the majority of seabirds have now departed the Farnes for warmer climes (they've got more sense!) and its now only five weeks away before we'll be starting our next chapter on these rocky outcrops; its the Grey Seal pupping Season.

In late September, the first pup will be born on the Farnes and throughout the autumn and early winter, over 1,500 pups will be born across these rocky outcrops. As usual, we'll bring you all the news and views from the colonies this year, and we might even be bringing you some very exciting news about seeing them up close and personal but more news to follow in the near future. Keep reading and get ready, its Grey Seal season and don't we know it. 

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