Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dolphin Day

Dolphins on the move...(Ciaran Hatsell)

Up to 100 seen today off the north Northumberland coast (Ciaran Hatsell)

Wave action.... (Ciaran Hatsell)

Sunday 21st October comments: I say it often and will repeat myself again, but this place is stunning! The Farnes produced some magic today!

Throughout the day we basked in glorious sunshine with very little wind and we are getting better weather now than we did all summer! It wasn’t just the weather which was impressive as just after 8am the team discovered a pod of White-beaked Dolphins just off Bamburgh travelling south. Gradually over the following hour, the animals moved south with up to 100 reported down the coast.

The views were spectacular (from our zodiac inflatable boat) as a mixed group of White-beaked and Bottle-nosed Dolphins played in the surf, occasionally breaching fully out of the sea. The Farnes has produced some spectacular sights this year and this is up there with the best. Dolphins are impressive at the best of times, but off the north Northumberland coast? This sort of sight is more commonplace in areas like the Mediterranean! Then again, I shouldn’t be too surprised; this is planet Farnes after all.

In other island news, the team have been back out on the Seal colonies counting, but more news on that tomorrow. ‘Barry’ our Barred Warbler remained on Inner Farne although was eclipsed (in Farne terms) by a pair of Gadwall (yes, rarer than Barred Warblers!). Every day is different on the islands, which is what makes Farnes is so great; you never know what’s round the next corner!


Elaine Housby said...

This is totally awesome! I went dolphin watching in New Zealand and told people on the boat that we didn't have dolphins back home - I cringe to think that I was so ignorant.
P.S. You once told me that you could explain why Berwick's celebrity seal has taken up permanent residence on a mudbank by the bridge. You were too busy to reply in full then. I know that you're always busy, but is there any chance of explaining now? Many people in Berwick would be extremely grateful. My email is:

Killy Birder said...

Myself and friend underthesamuelhood.blogspot watched a pod of at least eight White-beaked Dolphins passing Holy Island at some speed on 20th. We watched from the dunes on the island whilst watching three Short-eared Owls. A fantastic sight as the Dolphins breached several times. Certainly my best UK cetacean experience and a first for Sam.

Anne Leah said...

Cute creatures! These are just one of the amazing things that you get to see and experience in Oban. Have you seen dolphins oban? They're really amazing and when I saw them myself, I was dumbstruck.