Friday, 5 October 2012

Fifty shades of Grey

Up close and personal...Grey Phalarope off Inner Farne (Graeme Duncan) 

Grey Phalarope on the sea (Graeme Duncan) 

Stunner in flight (Graeme Duncan) 

Eastern delight...Jack Snipe in the hand (Laura Shearer) 

In the bag...Jack Snipe with the stripes (Bex Outram) 

Detail of a Jack Snipe (Bex Outram)

Friday 5th October comments: Its been a good few days on the Farnes with light winds and pleasant weather (sunny conditions!). The bird of the day went to our first Grey Phalarope of the autumn, a very confiding bird which was discovered off Brownsman before being relocated off Inner Farne soonafter. This little 'spinner of the sea' showed extremely well and the Farnes is a major hot spot for this species in Northumberland - we had six together last November!

Alongside the Phalarope, another eastern visitor was hand caught - a Jack Snipe - a smaller version of our resident Common Snipe. The bird was ringed and released unharmed by the pond, where it got back to its feeding habits.

SEAL NEWS: On Saturday I will be bringing you some exciting news about how we are opening up Staple Island for an exclusive chance to visit the breeding Seal colonies for two weeks in late October. This opportunity will give you the chance to see adult and young pups so check out the blog tomorrow...

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