Monday, 1 October 2012

Seal season

'Rocky' the first Seal pup loving life on the rocks (Graeme Duncan) 

Growing up strong (Graeme Duncan) 

Rocky on the storms touched him! (Graeme Duncan) 

Sun on the rocks...Rocky on the look out (Graeme Duncan)

Day seven - our long staying Turtle Dove still here (Will Scott)

Monday 1st October comments: Its the first day of the month (time is flying!) and it heralds the start of our next adventure on the islands, for this is Seal season. The first Grey Seal pups of the autumn have already been born (we now have six!) and over the next two months, we'll have another 1,500 born across these islands.

Our first pup of the year, a young male called 'Rocky', has survived the easterly storms of recent and is growing stronger by the day. His attentive mother remains close by and you can see the pounds being put on, on a daily basis (putting on weight is a good thing for a Seal pup!) We hope Rocky is leading the way for the rest of the young seals, and lets hope for a great least better than our summer!

On the bird migration, a few birds continue to linger including our Turtle Dove, which has now spent seven days on Inner Farne...a long stayer by our standards! With October now here, anything is possible and the Farne Islands may have a few more surprises up its sleeves over the next few weeks, but only time will tell...

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