Saturday, 20 October 2012

Puppy love

Saying hello to the world! Little bundle of joy on Staple Island (Ciaran Hatsell)

Dreaming of Fish... (Ciaran Hatsell)

He's a big lad! Bull seal keeping an eye on things (Ciaran Hatsell)
Saturday 20th October comments: It’s that time of year again. The seal season is now in full swing, with pups popping out on every corner of the islands. The latest count stands at 112 pups born this autumn and it’s been great to share some of them with you! There have been three days of the Seal Tours on Staple Island so far and it’s been a fantastic opportunity to share our pups with the world and educate people on the work we do out here at this time of year.

The tours run right up until the end of October (weather depending) and if you’re thinking of coming out, please come dressed for the occasion! The terrain on Staple is unstable and good sturdy walking boots or wellies and waterproofs are essential. If you are interested in the tour please contact Glad Tidings Booking office on 01665 720308. 

Our pups are rapidly putting on weight, drinking around two and a half litres of rich, fatty milk each day in preparation for life in the North Sea. The pups will be fed for just three weeks before they are ready to make their first journey into the big wide world. As soon as a pup moults its first white coat it will become completely independent, learning how to fish and how to be a grey seal all by itself! Life isn't easy out here! 

We will be out counting and spraying the seals again tomorrow so we’ll keep you up to date with the latest comings and goings from England’s largest Grey Seal colony. With well over 1000 pups still to be born on the islands before the end of the season, it’s all about to kick off!

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