Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hello rain my old freind...

Ringed Plover chick on the way to fledging (and now ringed!) Laura Shearer 

Oystercatcher chick hiding in the undergrowth (Graeme Duncan) 

Arctic Tern chick growing up! 

Kittiwake youngster with parent

Friday 28th June comments: Another day and yet more bad weather - it's what we expect now from this summer so I might even stop talking about it one of these days, maybe. On Tuesday evening the islands experienced some heavy downpours with some flash flooding...sadly a typical scene this year which has and unfortunately will be repeated this summer. With heavy rain forecast over the next few days, we'll hold our breath as this dreadful season continues.

On a lighter note, the resilient seabirds are raising young and it won't be long before we have more on the wing. The first fledgling Kittiwakes are not far away from taking their first step off the nest whilst both Sandwich and Arctic Tern chicks continue to grow ever bigger and stronger. However it's back to that weather and we'll start getting prepared. Hello rain my old friend...

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