Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Peak season

Let's go son...Guillemot chick with Father heading out to sea 

Success all the way - Guillemot chicks on the way! 

Like father, like son... 

It's a tough life being a Farnes Grey Seal... 

Icterine Warbler number five for the spring

Tuesday 26th June comments: It’s an exciting time of year on the Farne Islands as thousands of seabirds are feeding hungry youngsters as the season has reached its peak. All the seabird species on the islands have young and ever some are fledging now with young Shags and Cormorants on the wing. It won’t be long before the first tern chicks are flying and learning from their parents on what to do best – peck heads!

Guillemots and Razorbills continue to lead their small young out into the open sea as numbers decline on a daily basis – by mid-July the entire Guillemot population will be gone – a real contrast to the current scenes on the islands. Puffins have suffered with the excess rain, but where they’ve been successful, their young are growing up strong and fast ready for life at sea.

Even to do this day the Farne continues to surprise us, as our fifth (yes 5th!) Icterine Warbler of the spring arrived on Brownsman – a bright adult which showed well before departing overnight. The Farne is a great place and I recommend a visit if time and money allows.

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