Sunday, 3 June 2012

Inner Farne Nest Count Complete!

 Sunrise over Brownsman...when our day began!
 The team in counting mode across the island

No escape - Arctic Terns attacking all morning 

1, 2, 3...counting nests 

Sandwich Terns nesting in colony 

Super birds - Sandwich Tern 

Count themselves counted! 

In the Black-headed Gull with Bamburgh Castle in background 

Puffins looking on with amusement

Sunday 3rd June comments: It's been a long, long day and I can not believe I'm still awake to type this. However the nest count day is over on Inner Farne as the ranger team have counted and logged all ground nesting species on the island today.

The mammoth task started just after 4am and continued until early evening, with all species counted. Although to early (and I'm too tired) results suggest some good news for Sandwich and Arctic Terns (both populations up) although Eiders are down in a big way - they've had a bad season as the early spring weather has really had a detrimental effect on them.

I'll bring you a full detailed report of the day very soon, but we're counting Brownsman tomorrow and until then, enjoy the photos. The team are shattered, but we've got it all to do again tomorrow. Bring it on!

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Sarah said...

Jealous! I wish it was that easy here. Can't walk through the Tern colonies without the Skuas destroying them all! Glad you guys got it all done, must feel good to know that it's behind you! :)