Thursday, 28 June 2012

Storm salon

Down pour: the Farne Islands 5pm Thursday afternoon 

Tern chick looks on - the pathway has become a river 

Trying to shelter under mother 

No escape for the adult and chick Kittiwake 

Looking bleak for the Arctic Tern chicks 

Time to step in - hair dryer treatment for the chicks!

Back from the brink;  fluff balls and ready to go back out

Thursday 28th June 7pm update: In the last two hours we've had everything thrown at us. Thunder and lightening has battered the island and rain has fallen like never seen before. Everything has suffered and its been a battle but the ranger team have clicked into action and have been working their magic.

Armed with a hair dryer, we've managed to help over thirty Arctic Tern chicks by drying and warming them and releasing them back to their parents. Its worked a treat as we've brought some from the verge of death, back to full life, kicking and screaming as we released them. This season has had it all and now I have seen it all. Thanks rain, thanks.


Elaine the Fair said...

This is so sweet! Really admire your perseverance in blow-drying thirty chicks. BTW the email address you gave me does not work. Do you have a new one? I still want to hear your thoughts on the Berwick seal.

Kaydeerouge said...

We - in Spittal - have been thinking of the Farne Islands and their avian community over the last few hours of terrible weather. I was going to say that we've been watching you - but, of course, we haven't been able to see the Farne Islands through the dense mist and heavy rain. Really impressed by the way you deal with those damp chicks!

Farnes said...

Thanks for the support everyone - the team working hard to clear water and dry those chicks! Its a team effort and just wish the weather would clear up and we can get on with summer. Anyone wanting to make contact, try