Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mixed weather again!

Sunset from the Farnes 

Proud parent - adult Guillemot 

Nearly time to go - Guillemot chick 

 Showing well - ranger Will checking out the roosting Hobby (Andy Denton)

Turbulent seas - the 'norm' this year (Will Scott)

Saturday 23rd June comments: Where has time gone? We've already passed the longest day of the year and yet we feel we are still waiting for our summer to start! The week has brought the usual mixed weather
as we've had rain, wind and glorious sunshine. The week began in sunshine, with heavy rain later in the week and we finished with strong winds. Great! As I said, the 'usual' weather.

The breeding birds are having mixed fortunes throughout all of this, as food supply remains very good so for those birds which have young, things are going well. However it's not all been good news as Puffins continue to struggle especially on Brownsman.

Although its generally quiet for birds migrating through the islands at this time of year, the adult Hobby roosted overnight on the Pele Tower and was still present the following morning (showing well from its roost point!). Eventually the bird departed west towards the mainland and joins the catalogue of good birds we've seen out here this year.

However what will next week bring? I suspect rain, wind, sunshine..... snow anyone?


Cain Scrimgeour said...

Hobby on the windowsill is brilliant !

Jeremy said...

Great shots. Whets my appetite for another visit there!