Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sodden Subbuteo

Roosting out of the rain on the Pele Hobby (Will Scott)

Turn with a difference - adult Hobby over Inner Farne (Will Scott) 

Hawking over lighthouse (Will Scott)

Thursday 21st June comments: Well another day and another blog post about the weather. Following three stunning days of bright sunshine (was that our summer?), we were back to ‘square one’ today as heavy rain and easterly winds swept the islands. The visitor boats found themselves restricted once again and the ranger team were confined to the indoors. However, the weather forecasts suggest it’s calming and it can’t come quick enough.

However every cloud has…you know the rest, and today the only positive came in the form of another good bird for the islands. Late afternoon, an adult Hobby was discovered on Inner Farne, which delighted the team (celebrating only the sixth ever Hobby for the islands) but the same couldn’t be said about the local seabirds, which were not that impressed by its presence! I’m glad to say that the Hobby was no real threat to the nesting birds and as dusk arrived, the bedraggled visitor was roosting on the Pele Tower hoping, like us, that tomorrow will bring some better weather…

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kezia said...

nice one havent seen a hobby yet , so looking forward to coming over to see you all very soon - weather permitting it will be 3pm boat 14th July after two weeks at Loch Garten , please order good seas !!! I need a Farnes fix . stay safe all all hope the sun shines very soon