Monday, 11 June 2012

Mint and co starting to grow! 

 Lettuce doing well

Life in the garden of inner Farne

Monday 11th June comments: On occasions, it's nice to report something away from the hustle and bustle of the seabird city and I thought I would bring you an update on our new vegetable garden. Last month a team of hard working, dedicated gardeners from Nunnington Hall restored the old vegetable garden on Inner Farne for the resident ranger team. One month on and the garden is looking good as the first sign of life has started to appear. 

A number of plants are now growing and although the team have been watering the garden daily, the weather has also helped (at least something has been benefiting from the rain on the islands!). The hope of producing some editable produce looks a real possibility and with a little more help (a bit of weeding and thinning out is needed), I suspect the ranger team will be a happy bunch come the autumn.  


Codders said...

Your little vegetable garden looks 10 times better than my neighbours who spends nearly 8hrs a day out there digging and poking and chasing all the birds away.


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PCF said...

The lettuce looks very tasty. Are the Farnes a slug free zone?

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