Friday, 15 June 2012


Its grim outside - view from the kitchen window, Terns sheltering 

Adults sitting tight on small young 

Hatched yesterday - Arctic Tern chick...

...and today looking healthy

Friday 15th June comments:  The weather forecasters made no mistake today as strong easterly winds combined with driving rain has made the day very grim for everything and everyone connected with the islands. The breeding birds have had it tough this season and it continues to challenge them as the conditions have been far from perfect. However with just very small young, many birds may just get away with it, as chicks can shelter under parents and escape the worst of it. We could just do with it brightening up and staying that way for a few months, then we might be happy!

Across the Arctic Tern colonies, small chicks continue to hatch and without disturbance, will be fine under their parents. The weather appears to be clearing as the rain clouds are predicted to be moving on, so hopefully life will return to 'normal' on the islands. I keep saying it, but what a summer we've had so far. Will it ever improve? Fingers crossed (yet again) as we move into mid-June.

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kezia said...

David if you read this can you help please and advise ??? coming down from LG 15th July and want to come over but last boat for landing seems to be 2pm with Billy - is there a later one as we cant land Sunday morn can we ? I am hoping we can make the 2pm boat but it is going to be tight as its a good 5 hour journey , any advise greatly appreciated