Monday, 16 July 2012

Amazing Aurora

Stunning: Northern Lights off the Farne Islands at 01:00 with Longstone lighthouse (David Steel)

Dance of the lights (David Steel)

Longstone Lighthouse with the aurora (David Steel)

Monday 16th July comments: (this is one very early update - its just gone 01:15 but well worth the update). The Northern Lights have been showing well across northern England tonight and just after midnight, we started to see them off the islands. With no light pollution and no cloud cover, the aurora  performed well for the rangers sitting out on the observatory deck. It was an amazing show as the spikes raced across the skies and as I type, more have appeared, so heading back out. What a show. 


anniecase said...

Brilliant! You did very well with the photos.You lucky lucky guys and gals...was good to share a few of the moments on twitter!

Elaine the Fair said...

Fantastic photos! Really amazing. One of my life's ambitions is to see the Aurora, but still never managed to catch them.