Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Radio Newcastle come to town

BBC radio Newcastle: producer Jo with presenter Jonathan Miles 

Jonathan chatting to the team 

 Live on air; head ranger David Steel

Dr Richard Bevan put through his paces 

Local boat operator William Shiel does not escape

Tuesday 17th July comments: Today has been a busy one as BBC Radio Newcastle visited the Farnes to broadcast live between 10am and midday bringing the listeners news, views and life from the Farnes Islands. Presenter Jonathan Miles worked his magic as he interviewed a number of people on the islands including several rangers, Farnes historian Anne Wilson, scientist Richard Bevan, local boat operator William Shiel and Coast and Marine officer (and of course ex-warden!) John Walton.

It was a fun, entertaining morning which brought the world of the Farnes to the front rooms of several hundred thousands listeners across the north-east and beyond. Once I have discovered the link to the iPlayer, I will ensure its put onto the blog for everyone to listen (just ignore my opening lines - was stumped by the question!).

I hope for those who listened, you enjoyed and for those waiting to listen, its a good laugh. The strange and wonderful world of the Farne Islands continues to entertain. Welcome to Planet Farnes.

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The Wessex Reiver said...

Looking forward to the link. Great to see the Farnes in such good weather after this awful summer @Wessex_Reiver