Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Farnes Fledgers

Puffin chicks on the way (and nothing like adults!) 

On the wing - Arctic Tern chicks now flying 

Fledgling Black-headed Gull chick 

Guillemots well on their way - clifftops empty

Tuesday 3rd July comments: The season continues to progress and with sunshine beaming down on the Farnes (well we've had no rain) so it's starting to feel a bit like summer! The seabirds continue to raise young and despite this years weather, the birds are having some successes, which is great news.

In the last two days we’ve had our first Fulmar chick hatch, the first Arctic Tern chick has taken to the wing and the first Kittiwake fledgers have flown. Each day brings something new and interesting to report and you can't keep your eyes off the islands. The final touches to the population figures are being sorted, so I'll bring you that news once complete.

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