Monday, 9 July 2012

Glorious rain

Huge numbers of Puffins still present 

Kittiwake feeding chicks 

Sandeels galore: its been an excellent year for food 

Migrant Silver-Y moths moving through the islands in large numbers 

Flowers blooming on Inner Farne 

'The Churn' doing its thing...

Monday 9th July comments: The weather continues to challenge the resident's of the islands, as both the seabirds and the rangers are starting to feel the effect of the dismal summer. Our weather records indicated we've had 47mm of rain this month alone, with the average rainfall for July standing at 52mm. It's been that bad.

Despite the weather, the food supply has been exceptional with the seabirds still producing thousands of young but we'll see what the final results are in the next few weeks. On a brighter note, we had some great results from the population figures, but I'll bring news of that soon. However before that, heading back outside...umbrella anyone?

1 comment:

Bella Gingell said...

I am so glad to hear the weather is obviously paying well for some creatures with those good population figures and loving that shot of the puffins with the lighthouse behind.

I have a funny feeling we won't be seeing true fine weather until September. I hope I am wrong.