Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mother Carey's Chickens

Nets being set ready for evening bird ringing 

Nets ready across pic-nic site on Inner Farne 

Sound system ready 

Bingo - our first Storm Petrel caught, ringed and released unharmed (Will Scott) 

White rump on display

Saturday 21st July comments: It was a late night last night as the team went about ringing a very special seabird; the Storm Petrel. These little nocturnal flyers are seen in small numbers down the English east coast with the nearest breeding colonies as far away as Shetland and the northern isles. However nocturnal tape luring can bring birds close to shore and with the aid of mist nets and a tape lure, birds are caught on annual basis in small numbers. Last night, three Storm Petrels were caught and ringed on Inner Farne between 1-2am and hopefully a few more will be trapped over the next few weeks. It's seawatch time.

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