Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer here?

Puffins galore - showing well on islands at present 

It's been a good day to see Puffins on the islands 

Not many left - the final few Guillemots remain 

Last stand - a handful of Guillemots (over 4,000 nested here this summer!) 

A harsh end - a Guillemot chick becomes snack food for the Gulls  

Fulmars now on chicks 

At long last - Butterfly weather! Red Admiral on Brownsman

Wednesday 4th July comments: The day began with thick fog and ended with thick fog, but we had something which resembled summer between the bouts of fog - sunshine! The birds took full advantage with plenty of food being brought in for hungry mouths and some species showed particularly well including Puffins, which were present in huge numbers today.

The final few Guillemots remain, with over 90% of the breeding population already gone but the final few chicks are finding life hard as the large predatory Gulls are mopping up the unwary. Elsewhere on the islands, the first Butterflies of the summer are appearing...summer at last? We'll have to wait and see.

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