Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The islands are a changing...

Summer 2012 on the Farnes. Storm clouds gather (a typical scene) 

Kittiwake chicks now on the wing in good numbers 

Sandwich Terns still in attendance 

Cute factor - Ringed Plover chicks going well (normally suffer from heavy predation)

Tuesday 10th July comments: It’s been an interesting start to July although in terms of weather, not much different to May or June! However we are gradually seeing a change on the islands as the end of the seabird breeding season is nigh.

The vast majority of Guillemots and razorbills have now gone, departed for the open sea having had a successful breeding season. Young Shags and Kittiwakes are fledging by their hundreds whilst eiders have long gone. The terns are not far behind in the race to leave, as young Arctic, Common and Sandwich Tern young are on the wing.

That doesn’t leave much – mainly the Puffins and following their poor breeding season (they’ve suffered the most out of all the seabirds), it won’t be long before they depart. The change in the islands will be more noticeable in August although still an exciting time, as today’s Bottle-nosed Dolphin will testify.

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