Sunday, 15 July 2012

Unusual Ouzel

New born Arctic Tern chick (Jack Ibbotson) 

Behind bars - Arctic Tern chick nearly ready to fledge (Jack Ibbotson) 

Ciaran ringing Oystercatcher chick...

...and nearly fledged Ringed Plover chick

Sunday 15th July comments: The Farnes breeding season continued to advance by the day and plenty more chicks are now flying especially Sandwich and Arctic Tern chicks. There has also been good news on the wader front this year as both Ringed Plover and Oystercatchers have fared reasonably well with chicks fledging from several islands (and plenty ringed as photos show above).

Passage waders have started moving back through the islands as Purple Sandpipers are now evident once again with Redshanks, Golden Plovers and Turnstone in a supporting role. However the most interesting sighting of the day came on the form of a Ring Ouzel on Brownsman - a very unseasonable record (the first ever July record on the islands) as birds have started dispersing from upland breeding grounds.

The weather appears to have settled and the team are looking forward to the broadcast by Radio Newcastle on Tuesday, but I'll bring you more details in the near future.

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