Monday, 22 March 2010

Breezy Monday

Female Eider inspecting Inner Farne

Monday 22nd March comments:
The start of the first full week back on the Farnes brought breezy weather which restricted the wardens to the islands but appeared to encourage Puffins. All across the islands, huge numbers of Puffins were present, all sitting around familiarising themselves with the islands once again (its been eight months since they last set foot on solid ground!). However stormy weather will drive the birds back to sea for several more days before eventually settling in mid-April.

Although we’ve only been out for a few days ourselves, the team are settling and getting use to island life. The Farnes look barren at this time of year (as expected) but it hasn't stopped our breeding birds - as the first eggs have been discovered – a female Mallard sitting on eleven eggs on a nest site in the lighthouse compound. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had Shags sitting on eggs within a week or two, but watch this space.

Highlights: Red-throated Diver 2N, Common Scoter 32, Shelduck 2, Goldeneye 3, Pochard female north, Woodcock flushed, Bar-tailed Godwit 12, Curlew 244, Fieldfare 3, Redwing 4, Song Thrush and Rook 2.

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