Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Bulls have arrived

Not one, but three...

Up close and personal, a bull seal

Its the start of a fresh week and the team are ready for action with an early morning start as the first 'live' link for three days will take place this evening with plenty to squeeze in. The team have been given an extended slot on this evenings Autumnwatch, so more hard work required and is it me being biased, or is the Seal coverage good?

So what news from the colony? Its obvious things are changing slowly. More new pups are being born, one or two are moulting into 'second coats' ready for independence and yes, the bad boys are in town, the bulls have arrived.

Bull seals have no part to play in the pup-rearing process as their contribution is solely genetic (with a few fights along the way). These 300kg (up to 700lb) blubber fighting machines are starting to make their presence felt on the colonies as they have started taking up positions within the colony of females and they will defend their right to stay in the group. If that means fighting rival males or wandering bulls, then so be it and savage bites can be exchanged and neck wounds common.

As for the pups, they have few cares in the world and thankfully the storms have long gone so its back to the milk feeding and trying to work out which mum is which. The female offering free milk all round is still at it, whilst Lucky stays clear of all the problems and Nemo has started moulting his first coat. As for the team, well we're now fully stocked with food and water (I'm pleased to report). Supplies arrived and the sense of relief was noticeable in the team as the long-life UHT milk could be confined back to the cupboard. The evening went smoothly and the Farnes were beamed into the homes of millions once again. Its the start of another busy week.

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kezia said...

Extended your slot may be but not extended enough for me (ooh that rhymed) , it is so lovely to see the Farne Islands and what is happening but I am sure a whole hour still wouldnt be long enough - I want to see more . Seriously cant wait for update tonight and we get a double dose of Gordon as he is with the Sea Eagles on his Mull .
If this message get through to someone could you please name one of the little pups Archie for me as my grandson has just been born today - that would be lovely thank you xxx Take care all and so pleased you have food now I was getting worried , that UHT milk is horrid and no you are not biased the coverage is good but just not long enough .