Saturday, 29 November 2008

Happy Birthday Bob

Happy Birthday Bobby, 50 today!

Bobby at his finest

The one and only - Bobby's boat Glad Tidings I

Today’s blog news from the islands comes with a slight difference. Forget the seals, the birds and the islands. Today it’s about the people behind the scenes, but more to the point, one particular individual…

Glad Tidings I skipper Bobby Pearson is 50 today – congratulations Bobby,

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the islands!!
Bobby is a well known character and a well liked skipper of a visitor boat which sails to the islands on a daily basis throughout the summer. His warm friendly welcome makes him popular amongst everyone he meets and greets. From the passengers on his boat to all the wardens, Bobby makes them feel at home and adds a certain magic to the trip around the islands.
I first met Bobby eight years ago on my first day as a new warden, and eight years later, I've come to regard him as a good friend, although with his strong Northumbria accent, I've had to interpret what he says for many a young warden. When the new lads start on the islands, there is a lot to learn and Bobby is always the first to welcome them and make an extra special effort to help them get to know the ropes (quiet literally!). Bobby is one of the many unsung hero's of this place and we wish him well for the future and no doubt he’ll have a few words about this posting. But have a pint on us Bobby, Happy Birthday old man! One final point, yes he does have a downside as I can never understand what he sees in his beloved NewcastleUnited...
Anyway tomorrow I'll be back to the seals as I'm going to bring you all a full round-up of all the news from the colonies, including the count figures and the news on our wonderful characters Archie, Rocky, Nemo and co.


Jan said...

Happy birthday Bob, hope you've had a great time!
Don't know what the weather's like there, but in Leicestershire it's thick freezing fog. Horrible when I was going to do some gardening.
Ah well, better settle down to watch the rugby instead.

kezia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB FROM ME XXXXXX Or perhaps I should say Glad Tidings !!!! I shall see you when I come over to the Farnes next August - look after David and Co and David less of the old you are as old as you feel or who you feel - Ummmm not sure I have that right :o)) I cannot understand the draw of Newcastle either - for my sins I support Southampton !!Love to all and my Archie is coming to visit today , take care and looking forward to an update on Archie the seal and all his friends , hope the weather is being kind to you , dont drink too much Bob !!