Thursday, 20 November 2008

The one that got away!

Nemo like you've never seen him before!

Nice and quiet - a seal pup sleeping on our path (Brownsman cottage in the background)

Just a quick catch-up of news and the latest from the world of the Farne Islands and Brownsman. I'm glad to report the engine returned in good working order and we we're set for a seal count but sadly, mother nature continues to pose us problems as the weather has turned once again. The strong winds have picked up, plummeting the chill factor and preventing us accessing some of the colonies. There is very little we can do, so it's another sit and wait game for the weather to ease and finally we might get a chance to take a look at the North and South Wamses colonies including wee Archie.
However we don't stop, as we still have access to the two big colonies on Brownsman and Staple Island, so we made our way to the north beach to meet up with some old friends. The world hasn't been the same since we discovered Nemo and blimey, just look at him now! He has made it, he's now a fully independent second coat pup and well on his way to a life as a Farnes seal. Nemo has moulted all his fur although he remains in his favoured position by the big rock. Nemo against all the odds has survived the 'Farnes statistics' and maybe one day we'll see him back on this north colony. It real was a roller coaster journey and I'm proud he made it against all the odds after losing his mother. As for Lucky, well I'll bring you his story soon and hopefully a catch up on all the seals.
Other than that, we sit and wait. The storms are set to continue to batter us from the north and mentions of snow flurries have been uttered on the local news. It may all sound cold, but the sea is what we'll be watching as big waves and large swell can spell doom for our little pups which are just being born to the world. Fingers crossed, because this could be the big storm we all didn't really want to see...


kezia said...

Hi David and Alex and everyone
My goodness how fat is Nemo and how wonderful it is to see him like that - Gordon must be so happy . Glad the engine is working well but sorry you couldnt use it to go and see Archie - he hopefully wont be so wee when you get there !! As you say its not the cold that bothers the pups but it is the bad weather and certainly it does not sound good on that east coast - I live right down south but find myself watching what the weather forecast for your direction is - honest thinking of you all especially the new babies !! Take care of yourselves and batten down those hatches - I am off to see my 'Archie' tomorrow and he has put on weight so hopefully his brother has as well .

Jan said...

WOW look at Nemo! To think he was a little scrawny thing worrying us to death not long ago...
Here's hoping the storms that are forecast don't hit you too badly.