Thursday, 6 November 2008

Penultimate Day

Matt at work in the 'cellar' which has been converted into editing suit

Gordon and Richard washing the dishes - multitasking!

Richard, the man who makes everything tick!

Welcome to Wednesday and it's the penultimate Autumnwatch show 'live' from Brownsman, Farne Islands. It's been a big adventure, bringing you the highs and lows of life on a 'rock', but all has gone well, so far...  As usual, it was an early start for the team (especially Richard and Gordon) who have worked their socks off. As for me, it was just another day at the office, with various Farnes business to sort (and more Waxwings to look at - watch out on the mainland!) although not before a brief visit to the north beach colony to check on all the seal pups.

A quick chat with Gordon reveals he had filmed what we all suspected, that the cow seal at the centre of all the problems was fighting off Nemo's mother. Little Nemo is helpless, as he watches his mother being driven back into the waves, but is it all bad news? From an early age Nemo was a fighter, swimming in the North Sea at a tender age of three days old and he's mot going down without a fight. Nemo appears to be gaining weight, but how? Regardless of how, it could be great news for this little fella and one we certainly won't forget. So has Nemo put on weight and how is he getting it? Hopefully all will be revealed.

One seal pup we fail to show, is Lucky, who is living the high life and it won't be long before we're reporting the success of Lucky making it to independence and beyond. Who knows, we'll probably see Lucky back on these beach's in a few years time as a proud parent. We wish him well but we'll keep you informed of progress. The seal colony is now changing in subtle ways as the bulls are starting to get more and more active. Cow seals come into oestrus about 14-18 days after giving birth, so mating is now being noted on a daily basis and the Autumnwatch team caught it all on camera.

So this is one interesting place and every day is different. Tomorrow will be a sad day as the last Autumnwatch program will be screened and the team will leave the Farnes early on Friday morning. For me, life will continue on this rock until early December, as the Farnes seals have still some way to go. I'll keep you all posted.

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kezia said...

It is nice to see the workings behind the camera - good to see Gordon doing the dishes !!! I have been positive all along that Nemo will make it - please dont let me down Nemo xx Cant wait till tonight to see some endings to the stories , I so want the whole hour on The Farnes as I just know whatever I see will not be long enough . It is going to be a very sad evening but it will be lovely to keep up with a post from you David to let us know how things are going - back to normality for you !! but I should think there is nothing ever normal on the Farnes and that every day is different . I do hope you will give us some pictures (if you have time)in the next few days of a nice big fat Nemo . Love and kisses from baby Archie and he does say thank you for a seal named after him , he will have a love of seals I promise you and one day maybe I can bring him to the Farnes .