Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Seals Ahoy!

A second coater at home on the front step

Even our shed has been taken over

Me at the front door, with our new neighbours
At last. After what feels like an age, I might actually get some sleep without the tiles on the cottage roof 'dancing' in the wind. Yes, the winds are easing and hopefully were heading into a few calm days on the Farnes and we maybe able to see the results of the damage caused by the northerly storms. Although I am expecting the worst, there are still plenty of Seals which have survived and will fight to remind me of that very fact. Little 'Rocky - love the name - is still alive and well and hopefully Archie will be moulting into second coat by the time we reach him.

On Brownsman, Seal pups are appearing everywhere on the island and the ‘second coat pups’ are becoming part of the furniture. The little blighters are getting everywhere and as the photos show, we’ve got one at the front door and another in the shed around the back of the island. Even the solar panel system has one living beneath it, so its home sweet home. However these are fairly gentle compared with what greeted me this morning, as a cow seal has decided to pup outside the front door of the cottage, so Mr Postman, forget beware of the dog, just beware of the seal! There’s nothing quiet like living on a small island in the North Sea and there really isn't a dull moment. I'm sure we'll have fun when we eventually come to leave the island, as we'll have a few seals to leap before getting to the boat.

However its the north beach which deserves some attention, after all, this blog and Autumnwatch would have not happened if it wasn't for that small colony on Brownsman, and I returned to see how our characters were getting on. It was easy to spot both Nemo and Lucky, as the young starlets appear very content and happy and so they should be. Both are now 'barrels' of blubber and they'll be soon off to discover what life is like below the waves. The north beach colony has been reasonably sheltered throughout the storms and its nice to see them doing well.

Whilst at the 'office' yesterday (well inside the Brownsman cottage), I was delighted to read all your messages because as most of you are aware, I’m new to this blogging business but thanks for all the support, from Aberdeen, to Bristol and far flung Hampshire! However I’ve still got plenty more to tell you and then maybe next year I'll be bringing you all the news, views and comments for a complete season from the islands. Watch this space...


kezia said...

You are a great blogger David and your updates are well received I promise you , I am on Facebook with the Loch Garten bloggers and keep talking about the site , trying to get some more converts for you . So pleased that the weather is better for you - long may it last , glad little Rocky is still clinging on the weather will certainly help his fight to survive . I love the seal in the shed - I bet his Mum said I know the place where you can stay away from all that horrid weather , they wont mind !!! and just how do you step over a seal pup ? some of those are huge !!! So pleased Nemo and Lucky are okay - hope Gordon keeps in touch I am sure he does - I did write to the BBC saying that not enough was shown this year on the Farnes on Autumnwatch - I WANT MORE !!but meanwhile looking forward to the next blog when you have time . Take care all Valerie in a dull and cold Hampshire
PS my Archie was weighed today and was 9lb bet his 'brother' weighs more than that !!!

Jan said...

I am new to blogging too, David, but I do enjoy reading the updates and you write them so clearly and in such a friendly way that it really makes me feel like I am involved in some small way. Keep up the good work, that's all I can say!
Lovely to see the pups "invading" your space, but I bet the defensive seal mum on the doorstep causes you some problems, you can't exactly jump over her, can you? The pups in your photos hardly seem like pups now, they look so big. I suppose there aren't many being born now, are there? (sorry if I sound dense, I'm a bit new to seal-watching.)
As a NT member I do hope to visit the Farnes one day, but probably in summer!!